Top 5 Most Overrated Dead Celebrities

With the passing of Robin Williams (who I haven’t been a fan of since Mork & Mindy) I thought I would compile, in my gay opinion, who are the Top 5 Most Overrated Dead Celebrities.

#5: Patrick Swayze – Patrick’s life was romanticized due to his long term marriage to his teenage sweetheart and his battle with pancreatic cancer. In Dirty Dancing and Roadhouse he had the moves and he looked hot without a shirt but that’s not enough to be immortalized for.

#4: Kurt Cobain – Grunge music royalty with Courtney Love by his side, Kurt was the face of grunge music itself. If it weren’t for his tumultuous relationship, battle with drugs, and taking his own life; he’d of grown old and faded into obscurity just as grunge music has.

#3: Jimi Hendrix – So he could play his guitar behind his back, that proves he was flexible not talented. At the time, his music must have sounded good thanks to his followers heavily partaking in LSD and smoking pot but in the light of sobriety the music doesn’t hold up.

#2: John Lennon – The Beatles were HUGE, deservedly so, but John’s solo career never came close to the success of the Beatles. I don’t see why John should be held in higher regard than say George Harrison, who is also deceased. Notoriety shouldn’t be his just because his marriage to Yoko Ono broke up the band and because he was tragically murdered.

#1: Michael Jackson – I’ll admit Thriller was a great album and huge success but over time his stardom was tainted and his personal oddities tarnished his fame. After his death, Michael’s critics magically transformed into “fans” eulogizing the greatness of the self proclaimed “King Of Pop.” All was forgiven, but in reality, his career was over long before his life was.

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