Alexander Jean’s Coming Down EP

Take note divas, Alexander Jean is showing you how it’s done, if you’re going to release a bunch of singles with no plans of releasing an album then have the courtesy to compile them together. Welcome to Alexander Jean’s new single and EP, Coming Down.

Alexander Jean has taken a total departure from their usual indie rock sound on “Coming Down” with their version of 70’s, psychedelic, funk, rock song. It’s different and fun.

The thumping beat of “Nevermind” weaves it’s way from dreamy to rocking and back again. This is classic Alexander Jean.

The modern romantic ballad “Highs & Lows” is all about how opposites attract and even stupid spats can weirdly bring a couple closer together.

“For Anybody Wondering” is the perfect marriage of BC Jean’s gritty rocking vocals and her husband, Mark Ballas’, smooth vocals and guitar riffs.

The throbbing beat and vocal magic of “Drunk” takes the listener on an inebriated trip through the couple’s rock and roll lifestyle. Serving this generations Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love vibes.

Their slow and sultry cover of Marcy Playground’s “Sex And Candy” is all warbley and rough; bringing new life to the 1997 alt classic.

Alexander Jean has released their previous two EPs, Head High and High Enough, within a year of each other but made the world wait four years for this EP. That’s a long time to wait for an EP, in my gay opinion, but at least they gave their fans these singles to listen to over the years…again, take note divas.

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