Madi Diaz’s History Of A Feeling

Madi Diaz is one of the more diverse divas that I follow, with a varied catalog of musical stylings. Her newest album, History Of A Feeling, is very stripped down and gives a whole new meaning to modern folk. There isn’t any other diva that I follow that has quite the same sound or style.

The album’s theme simmering anger over a mostly quiet sound. It kicks off with “Rage” erasing everything. “Man In Me” is a gender-bending angst-filled tune questioning if the person you’re with is kissing you or the person they want you to be.

“Crying In Public” is just as lyrically bare as the music itself. We’ve all been at that emotional place where we’re on the verge of losing it and not knowing when something will trigger us into an ugly-crying snot-covered mess. The calm anger returns on “Resentment” which is something worse than having hatred for someone.

“Think Of Me,” in my gay opinion, is a modern-day version of Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” with a wish that your ex thinks of you when they’re in bed with someone new. We’ve all been there and if you deny it, you’re either #1: lying or #2: bad in bed. “Woman In My Heart” deals with a rocky relationship in a rocking way.

My favorite track on the album is “Nervous” with it’s pop-sound and story of lying to everyone including yourself. The next two songs, “Forever” and “History Of A Feeling” slow down again and tell stories of living in the past while also being haunted by it.

Madi’s message of being unable to be a new version of yourself in an old situation on “New Person, Old Place” is a simple one but has so much emotional depth. The whole album is fraught with relationship drama but ends with “Do It Now” and it’s hopeful-filled lyrics with a sorrowful sound.

I’ve never considered myself a fan of folk music. When I think of folk music, I think drug-educed hits like “Puff The Magic Dragon” or songs about the Vietnam War. Have there been folk songs since the 70’s? Well if Madi Diaz is bringing folk back, count me in because History Of A Feeling works it’s way into my head and sings to the displeasure in my heart.

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