Chloe Moriondo’s Suckerpunch

In my gay opinion, Chloe Moriondo’s new album Suckerpunch has a sound unlike anything they have done previously and unlike anything I have heard before. It’s got a very experimental rock/pop sound, it’s quirky and mildly psychotic. There’s enough Auto-Tuning throughout to make Cher and Rupaul flip their wigs.

Britney and Christina get shout-outs on “Popstar” and their influences can be felt throughout the album. Where Britney and Christina started out perky and pleasing, Chloe goes dark and brooding. Chloe does the perfect mix of anger with a wink of humor. Chloe has a sense of control and drive that were lacking in teen-divas back in the day.

Suckerpunch starts out upbeat with “Popstar” and “Fruity” with mosh-pit vibes that are more K-Pop than metal head. Then it takes an eerie turn to the creepy circus themed “Hotel For Clowns” and “Dress Up” is Matell’s greatest nightmare when Barbie goes off the rails with Ken in her trunk and rap on the radio. Suckerpunch ends more mellow and light with songs like my favorite “Celebrity” about an obsession with fame then going crazy to “CDbaby<3” and it’s cheery harmony. Suckerpunch is a rollercoaster ride of sound and emotion.

This may be Chloe’s best album to date. Suckerpunch is the perfect album for jumping around, pumping your fist and having a chilling laugh to.

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