Natalie Shay’s Milk EP

I’m a total sucker for light fun-loving pop and thankfully Natalie Shay’s Milk EP came across my radar. She slid herself into my music library like she’s always been there. Nestling herself between Natalie Imbruglia and Natasha Bedingfield. I couldn’t have put her in a better place, she’s got the lyrical presence of Natalie and Natasha’s entertainment quality.

The upbeat vibe of “New Wave” is the perfect start to the EP and the open-mindedness of the video is great to see while the sweet groove of “Medicine Boy” is addictive and the video is a fever dream brought to life.

The first of two songs that haven’t had videos made yet is “Outgrow” with a slower beat that Natalie’s wistful lyrics and smooth vocals drift upon. “Good Girl Behaviour” is the second which is all about girl-power over an even more powerful pop-filled jam.

Milk ends in beautiful balladry with the relationship drama of “Two Sparks” and the discovery of love on “Heaven” with it’s modern-country guitar strumming.

Natalie’s Milk EP is everything my inner teen girl lives for. Strong, fun lyrics and beats to move to. In my gay opinion, this EP is the definition of pop and I love it.

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