Natalie Imbruglia’s Firebird

In my gay opinion, Natalie Imbruglia is pop personified. She knows what she does well, without feeling the need to branch out into other genres, and she brings it on every album. Her new album Firebird is no different, it’s jam-packed with feel-good, finger-snapping, dancing around the living room goodness.

For those who only know Natalie for her 1997 hit “Torn,” her voice is just as full, fresh, and fun as back then. It’s like the early 2000’s never happened. Her voice still stirs the emotional pot on pop-ballads like “Just Like Old Times” and “Change Of Heart.” However the catchiness of “Maybe It’s Great” and “Not Sorry” could give the pop princesses of today a run for their money. Ariana step aside and let Natalie show you how it’s done.

Natalie delivers the musical magic that I didn’t know I was missing until now. Firebird doesn’t get bogged down in any of today’s hardships or realities, it’s escapism at it’s finest, and I’m ready to be onboard this flight of fancy.

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