Donna De Lory’s Gone Beyond

The morning one of my divas releases a new album, I buy it and download it to my USB so I can listen to it in my car to and from work. This past Friday was no different when Donna De Lory released her new album, Gone Beyond. I popped it in my car and off I went not knowing what to expect musically because Donna’s style runs the gamut from new age, to pop, to dance. I did know what to expect from my commute, my own disgruntled attitude with the high likelihood of “mother-fucking” the first driver to cut me off or drive slow enough to stick me behind a yellow light as it turns red.

Then Gone Beyond started blasting over my car speakers that were turned up loud enough to drown out the usual voices in my head telling me to call out sick or to keep on driving right by the building. “So Hum / Breathing In” began with Donna going beyond new age and into the realm of full-blown relaxation tape. There’s lyrics being whispered over subtle sounds that I’m straining to hear. Are those chimes or did I just hit another bicyclist? Are those whales mating? Is someone moaning to get out of my trunk?

Whatever incantation Donna was chanting, I suddenly found myself at work not having any clue how I got there and ready to start my day without fear of slapping the first co-worker who dared to ask me a question before I sat at my desk. So, if you’re looking to have a good nights sleep because your white-noise machine is on the fritz, you need a new soundtrack to align your chakras to, or your crystals need some good vibrations while recharging…Gone Beyond could be just the magic you need.

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