Babygirl’s Be Still My Heart EP

The EP, Be Still My Heart is the return of the dreamy pop duo that is Babygirl. Their mellow vibe is like a musical hug. The music basks in the simplicity of not being over produced with rich vocals and even more fulfilling stories.

The best part of Babygirl’s music, in my gay opinion, is the depth and the relatability of their lyrics. Who hasn’t felt like “a pool drained on the last day of summer” (“Sore Eyes”) or an “assembly line,” broken hearted, reject from a “factory in the sky” (“Born With A Broken Heart”)? The songs mold to your mood and can be both uplifting and heart-wrenching depending on how you feel that day.

Whether you’re riding a rocket of regret into someone else’s universe on “Starlight” or cruising to your favorite make-out spot with “Me, You And My Car”, Be Still My Heart will make you glad you made the trip and full of hope for many more.

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