Idina Menzel’s Drama Queen

Conservatives have been making a huge stink about drag queens lately, especially reading story books to children, trying to spread their gayness. Let me share a little secret with you about the Gay Agenda, the drag queens were only our first step in making the world more fabulous, our real secret weapon is Idina Menzel’s new album Drama Queen. She’s making America gay again.

The gays have been playing the long game. It all started a decade ago, with a little Disney animated film called Frozen (you may have heard of it) starring none other than Idina Menzel. The seeds were planted when Frozen gave the gaybies of the 2000’s the chance to live out their ice princess realness and debate with their faghags-in-training if they were more of an Elsa or an Anna. Those gaybies have grown into regal adolescents who are seeking guidance in adulthood and who better to aid in their journey than their own Fairy Goddiva. Idina picked up her can of hairspray, donned her rainbow sequined kimono over purple satin tights, and is strutting on the dancefloor to bring some shine and shimmy to their oppressive lives.

What do you get when one of the biggest Broadway stars decides to do a dance album with an old-school Studio 54 vibe? In my gay opinion, pretty much the gayest thing on my computer right now…including anything in my browser history. Drama Queen is all about getting you moving and having a good time. Not only is Idina giving the club kids of today something to Macarena to (or whatever kids today are doing) but she’s also giving us more mature fags something to slip a disc to. Idina knows which side her bread is buttered on and she’s serving it up with some all-inclusive love.

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