Nxdia’s In The Flesh EP

Nxdia (pronounced Nadia with they/he/she pronouns) is a new to me diva. Their new EP In The Flesh caught my attention because it’s unlike anything out there right now but with a little familiarity because it borrows from so many genres. Nxdia’s bi-lingual (English and Arabic) song writing is solid and impressive. The EP’s sultry six pack will help you get to know Nxdia’s sound and they were gracious enough to answer a few questions, which I hope helps you get to know Nxdia a bit more:

Dave: When did you realize you wanted to get into the music industry, how did you go about doing it and what have been some of the greatest obstacles you’ve encountered on your musical journey?

Nxdia: I’m not sure it was ever anything to do with getting into the music industry, there’s still loads of things I’m learning about in the industry- it’s just that I couldn’t imagine not making music or writing, so I wanted to be immersed in it and surrounded by it. I just went to events with local musicians and artists, worked with producers and eventually people would invite me in, it was lovely! Obstacles have just been learning through trial and error, I didn’t really know anyone in the industry and the amount of info available is overwhelming- so some obstacles were mainly my own inexperience, I feel like I’m learning all the time.

Dave: Your sound doesn’t really fall into any set category which makes it fun and exciting to listen to. How do you describe your sound?

Nxdia: Thank you! Honestly it changes, I pick how to describe it each time- that’s what I love about music nowadays, no one’s forcing you to be just one thing. At the moment I’d probably say Alt Pop / punky.

Dave: Your lyrics are very personal. What do you hope is the greatest take away for fans from your EP?

Nxdia: Whatever they want really, I hope they enjoy the music of course and resonate with it- but if it’s just songs to dance to, or songs to sit and listen to, whatever it means to people listening I’m happy with. I always appreciate songs in relation to what they mean to me, so I’d want the same for anyone listening to my music.

Dave: Here at My Gay Opinion, I tend to gravitate towards female and/or QUILTBAG artists. Do you have a female and/or QUILTBAG artist that you find inspirational or feel is under appreciated?

Nxdia: Oh god loads, at the moment I’m in complete awe of spill tab- she’s so sick! Definitely underrated in my opinion.

Dave: On Spotify you mentioned seeing a moose as one of your life goals, what musical goal would you like to achieve to be able to say that you’ve arrived?

Nxdia: Ooh that’s a tough one, I think the goalpost keeps changing when you’re in a creative field because you always want to do bigger and better things. Maybe when I’m in a room of people where we’re all singing the lyrics to my songs, I see people sing along now and it always stuns me- I can’t imagine how I’d feel in a room full of people singing back to me.

I appreciate Nxdia taking the time to answer my questions, for stepping outside the box to create something new sounding, and for representing the gender non-conforming society in such a creative and positive way, at least in my gay opinion.

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