Fefe Dobson’s Emotion Sickness

I’ve been a Fefe Dobson fan for two decades, ever since buying her self-titled album on CD in 2003 because it was on sale. I love me a bargain. This was a time before Spotify, discovering new artists was a crap shoot but Fefe didn’t look like every other artist out there and with song titles like “Stupid Little Love Song” and “Bye Bye Boyfriend,” I figured Fefe might have something unique to say.

She did and still does. I will always love my bubble gum pop but sometimes I want to burst that bubble and rock out. That’s where Fefe’s new album Emotion Sickness comes in, right from the opening head-rocking beats of “Hungover,” I knew Fefe was back and she was missed! I’ve been waiting thirteen years for a new Fefe album and Emotion Sickness doesn’t disappoint, in my gay opinion.

Fefe keeps rocking out on songs like “Too Late” and “Dancing For Me” while she brings in a bit more of her pop stylings on her grooving tracks “Shut Up And Kiss Me” and “Someone New.” On her previous three albums she softened thing up with a couple ballads here and there and “Recharge My Heart” and “Let Her Go” are no different. Emotion Sickness has a little of everything I love about a Fefe album with it’s strong sound and heartfelt lyrics.

When it comes to divas I haven’t seen in concert but want to, Fefe is top of my list. In 2014 she toured Canada and the closest city she came (close being almost 500 miles away) was Hamilton, Ontario. I bought a VIP ticket that included meeting Fefe, a pic with her, and autographed merch…she had me at autographed merch. I booked two days off work, gassed up my car, reserved a hotel room (since traveling alone, I went cheap, and the toilet handle may have squirted water with every flush but in fancy hotels I think that’s called a bidet) and made my way over the border. Even pre-pandemic it wasn’t easy, I had to convince the customs officer that I was crazy enough to drive 500 miles for a concert but not so crazy that I was a threat to Canadian security. He had many questions, inspected my concert ticket closely and let me in against what felt like his better judgement. The venue felt like the middle of nowhere and I had no cell service due to roaming issues.

I gave myself enough time, since the VIP experience was before the show and I didn’t know if I’d run into any problems. It paid off because the parking lot was empty and I was the first one there. The venue was on some water front so I spent an hour walking around and exploring. When I returned to the venue and my car was still the only one in the lot, I thought that was odd. I went to the venue door which should’ve been open but instead I found THIS…

The rip on the bottom left corner is what I tore off to wipe away my tears.

The worst part (yes there is a worst part) was when I got home and my phone was working again, I discovered the show wasn’t cancelled after all, it was moved to another venue a few miles away. If that information had been on the door, I would have had time to get directions and caught the show and possibly the VIP experience. A stressed out and sweaty pic with Fefe would’ve been better than nothing.

Fefe is again touring Canada to support this album and the final stop is once again Hamilton. I thought I had processed and worked through my PTFD (Post Traumatic Fefe Disorder) on the seven-hour ride home but I guess I haven’t, if this post is any indication. I know if I got stood up again at another show, that would break me and inflict more emotion sickness than this gay could handle. I’ll cross my fingers that she’ll add some dates and she’ll be the one to make the trip over the border this time.

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