Hi! My name is Dave and I’m an Asliholic. It was 7 years and 8 days since my last new Aslyn musical fix until last week when she released a new album with her husband, Kalen Nash, under the name Dega. This self titled album is an 80’s synth-heavy, psychedelic trip with an experimental, hipster, pop sound. The toe-tapping, head-bopping beats with somber lyrics brings about hallucinations of Kate Bush menage-a-troising with Hall & Oates.



Aslyn’s individual style is just as pop as Dega’s but her music is less synth and her lyrics are more pronounced. Aslyn’s voice has always been the star but on “Dega” the vocals are part of the instrumentation and the lyrics are secondary. Dega’s sound is about feeling uplifted even when the lyrics are anything but. Whether it’s about being left (“Phoenix” and “Look Back”), longing (“Don’t Call It” and “Golden Godz”), or lost innocence (“Mirrors”), the music still leaves you smiling. My favorite and the happiest track, “Right Type Of Lover”, is the dance song that the 80’s didn’t realize it was missing until now. I can feel a full Aslyn dance album is within reach!



It’s hard losing another solo diva to a marital dueting, just like BC Jean pairing up with hubby Mark Ballas in Alexander Jean. However, in my gay opinion, Aslyn’s talent together with Kalen’s is just as addicting. I’ve been listening to “Dega” non-stop for almost a week and the high I get each time is just as blissful as the first.

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