Samantha Fox’s Forever

I’ve been a Samantha Fox fan since the 80’s after hearing her song “Touch Me” on the radio. I’ve enjoyed following her career and each time she releases a new album, I’m there. I’ve also been lucky enough to see her perform live twice, each time was so memorable that she made my Top 5 Once Isn’t Enough Diva List. I’m always holding out hope that she’ll do another tour.

Unfortunately Sam doesn’t do a lot of shows in the USA but she has done a few fan conventions. I’ve gone to two she’s been at. The first time was in New Jersey the day before a hurricane was due to hit. What’s a little hurricane when the opportunity to meet Samantha Fox presents itself? My partner tagged along to be my personal photographer and Sam made sure to greet him as well, what a class act. The second convention was in Massachusetts, not even an hour from my house. It was the first time being held, in the middle of nowhere, and not well attended. I was able to walk right up to Sam’s table and only had to wait for two guys to get their topless photos signed while porn star Ron Jeremy flirted with her. I wonder how I’d like it if I had to sit there and sign photos of my youthful penis knowing that the guys were going to go home and masturbate to it…who am I kidding, I’d love it. Now I get why she does the conventions. When they finally cleared out and I Purelled myself, I approached Sam who was just as nice as the first time I met her. I asked if she had any plans to tour and she said the only way she could is if she could get people in the seats, which sounded like it wasn’t going to happen. I left a little deflated.

But I turned that frown upside down when I found out that Sam was releasing her autobiography. I held off on getting a copy hoping that there might be a book signing to promote it but that didn’t happen. Lucky for me she sold some autographed copies through her website. “Forever” is about her rise to stardom and how Sammy, the tom boy from the block, blossomed into the persona that is now Samantha Fox. I had no idea she was huge in London as a topless Page 3 model years before her musical career took off. One of my favorite stories involved her meeting Taylor Dayne. Taylor has always struck me as a tough diva and Sam confirmed it. Taylor thought Sam was disrespected by singer Sabrina and wanted to beat her up on Sam’s behalf. Not only does Sam prevent diva brawls but she also dishes the dirt on her personal life. She writes open and honestly about the men she slept with as well as the women. Going so far as to explain her need to perfect her blow job skills so the men she was with could never say that she was bad in bed.

After reading “Forever”, I’m an even bigger fan of Sam’s. The majority of the book is about the 80’s and early 90’s when she was at the peak of her career but when her fame started to fade her true strength shined. She survived bad management by her own father, bankruptcy, and the loss of her partner of seventeen years Myra Stratton due to a rare from of cancer. At the end of the book there weren’t any sneak peeks into future projects but I’m holding out hope for a new album because, in my gay opinion, it’s been thirteen years which feels like Forever.

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