Dignity 101: No Mo Ho

A few weeks ago while on vacation in Washington DC, I was on a booze cruise where a song got stuck in my head but not in a good way. The rapper sang about making “these bitches scream” and how they could “get a taste” of him. Bitches…I mean Ladies, where’s your self respect? If some Prick…I mean Gentleman, called me a derogatory name and then recommended that I get a taste of him, I would suggest that he take a yoga class to get more flexible so he could go taste himself.

Girls today have the Women’s March and #MeToo movement which are great empowerment platforms, however, I learned my most valuable lessons from music and the singers themselves. What are the young girls of today learning from this type of music? I don’t want my great niece thinking that she deserves to be spoken to that way or that it’s okay.

Back in my gay day I learned about attitude from Janet…Miss Jackson if you’re “Nasty”, got a lesson in sexuality from the original “Material Girl” Madonna who didn’t need a man to tell her how to be or that she should be sexy; she just was, and was schooled in strength by Tina Turner who escaped an abusive relationship becoming more popular than she ever would have been with Ike and telling men that “You Better Be Good To Me.” These talented and strong divas helped mold me into the feminist I am today.

I hope there are some upcoming diva-to-be’s helping do that for the next generation. If not, then in my gay opinion, they should take pointers from the late great Queen Of Soul, Aretha Franklin, and demand some “Respect.”

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