Tiffany’s Pieces Of Me

At the end of last year when I saw Tiffany in concert at The Iridium in New York City, she mentioned working on new music. She compared the sound to her previous album The Color Of Silence, which in my gay opinion, is her best album to date. So to say that I was excited about the new music, is an understatement. My inner teen girl was screaming like she’d just seen a snake.

After many months of waiting (not my strong suit), Tiffany released Pieces Of Me. Pieces Of Me has The Color Of Silence’s rocking sound while taking Tiffany’s pop vocals to a whole new level. The song “Pieces Of Me” is about the process of reflecting back on her life while each song shines a light on those moments.

When most people think Tiffany they probably think of the perky teen who toured the malls of America flipping her flaming red hair to songs like “I Saw Him Standing There” and “I Think We’re Alone Now”. That fun-loving Tiffany is present on every song on Pieces Of Me musically, but only the Go-Go’s sounding “Beautiful” and my favorite track “Heaven” are lyrically light.

The rest of the album is dark and brooding, even love songs like “Feels Like A Storm” and “Hey There” (the only ballad) are steeped in a volatile give and take that could easily go bad. Breaking up makes for great songs and Tiffany dives deep into the heartache on “World’s Away” and “Heartbeat Away”. She sometimes regrets a relationship in “Waste Of Time” but moves on in “Staring Over”. My favorite type of songs are the done-me-wrong songs, which get served up brilliantly on “King Of Lies” and “Fall”.

I admire Tiffany for always trying different musical styles, but if she decided this was going to be her signature style from now on, she’d get no complaints from me. Is Pieces Of Me better than Color Of Silence? It’s just too early to say but I love when a diva can still put out an album that compares to her best.


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