Sophie B Hawkins’ As I Lay Me Down Deux

I became a Sophie B Hawkins fan back in ’92 when I first heard her song “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” on the radio. Her raspy and gritty vocals over a driving beat had me hooked before the first “damn” left her lips.

It would be just over a decade before I would get to see Sophie live but it was worth the wait. She came to Connecticut a few days before my birthday. I was in the early stages of seeing someone so he was looking to impress me by suggesting an overnight trip to New York City (my favorite) or Boston. I told him all I wanted were tickets to see Sophie in concert. The venue was a rehabbed church with actual pews for seating. That night, Sophie was the rock priestess and I found my religion.

My boyfriend learned a very valuable lesson that night, should he stick around. I’m super low maintenance with my $20 ticket but super high maintenance when it comes to my stalking. When Sophie announced she’d be at the merch table after the show, we’d have to stand in line for however long it took me to get my original Tongue And Tails CD booklet signed. Spoiler alert: Sophie graciously signed my booklet and that boyfriend is now my partner who’s been to more Sophie concerts than he can count.

This past Friday the 13th, Sophie released an updated version of one of her biggest hits, the newly named “As I Lay Me Down Deux” with some cool packages (I’m all about the package) available on her website. Normally I’m not impressed when a diva remakes one of her classics and I don’t blog about singles but it’s Sophie’s video that warrants this post. I don’t often drop the F-Bomb, but in my gay opinion, this video is Fabulous. It features all the crazy, wild, free-spirit that is Sophie B Hawkins and gives me life.

2 thoughts on “Sophie B Hawkins’ As I Lay Me Down Deux

  1. Karen Terlinck

    Dear Dave,

    Thank you so much ! Through you I discovered this song and video of Sophie B Hawkins. I was looking for the lyrics of ‘Damn, I wish I was your lover’ and then discovered some other songs. Amongst them your comment/blog appeared.
    I absolutely LOVE it, feel so emotionally moved by both the song and video.

    Thank you/ dankjewel!

    Karen from Kapellen in Belgium.

    • Dave

      Hey Karen,

      Thank you so much for reaching out.

      You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help you discover this song and video, it’s the best!

      Thanks again!


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