Jonathan And Drew Scott’s It Takes Two: Our Story

As I mentioned in a previous post, I live in a cord cutting household. In my gay opinion, the hardest thing about giving up cable is losing Game Show Network and HGTV. Those are the only stations I can watch for hours on end and be thoroughly entertained.

When going to the gym was something I did, pre-COVID, it wasn’t such a torture knowing when cardio time came, each machine was equipped with cable TV. HGTV here I come. The elliptical was my personal stud finder when I coordinated my gym routine with The Property Brothers airing schedule.

For those unfamiliar with The Property Brothers, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott help homebuyers turn their fixer-uppers into dream homes. Drew (the realtor) negotiates the best price for the unsightly home in need of TLC while Jonathan (the contractor) turns the ugly duckling into a swan. All while looking good, having some laughs, and staying on budget.

Since giving up my gym membership, I have to get my eye candy the old fashioned way, through books. I found online an autographed copy of Jonathan and Drew’s autobiography “It Takes Two: Our Story” on sale and thought I’d give it a shot.

It’s an interesting read. Right from the womb their twin-activated power was to become stars and businessmen. These clowns (no seriously, they were teen clowns) worked their way up from self-designed, wire coat-hanger salekids to multimedia, home-design entrepreneurs. Along the way Jonathan tried his slight-of-hand at becoming the next David Copperfield of Vegas. While Drew wanted to take Hollywood by storm, baring his soul and ass in a zombie movie that’s name was omitted and seems to have been expunged from IMDB and Wikipedia…not that I researched this for any other reason than to get to the bottom of this, for you, my loyal readers.

My favorite chapters are the final few where the brothers revealed the reality behind “reality” TV, which on their show, isn’t as altered as others. Also their strong moral belief in helping others in need. While sharing the love they have for each other, their family, their friends, and the women in their lives….yeah, they’re straight. Just goes to show, not even The Property Brothers are perfect.

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