Babygirl’s Lovers Fevers

As mentioned in my last Alanis post, my divas haven’t been putting out new music, causing me to spend time searching for old albums and new-to-me divas. Again it’s Canadians that rescued me from the doldrums of tired tunes.

Spotify recommended Toronto-based Babygirl’s 2018 Lovers Fevers EP to me a few weeks ago and I have been obsessed ever since. Babygirl (Kirsten Frances and Cameron Breithaupt) are song sirens with sway-worthy strumming and lulling lyrics. “Soft” is about having someone bring out the best in your messy self, knowing you’d be worse without them. While “Homemade Holiday” is about making that person home.

Girlfriend, let me gaysplain something to you,”There’s something soft about you” ain’t a compliment!

In my gay opinion, the EP really shines when the music stays dreamy but the lyrics become emotionally relatable nightmares. The longing crush that ends too soon on “Over In No Time”, “NY/LA” and “Ravens” revisit relationships with country-sized emotional gaps that weren’t as great as memory served, and “I Wish I Never Met You” (my favorite track) is regretting the Seven Minutes In Heaven game you wish you’d never played.

Babygirl’s music and vocals are pure utopian magic. Lovers Fevers had me lost in the beat of the moment from the first listen. Every time I turn the EP off, I sashay away humming or singing along to the musical remnants stuck in my head…much to the dismay of those around who are forced to listen to me.

Babygirl’s newest single (not on this EP), “You Were In My Dream Last Night”, is a hint of where their sound is going and it’s out of this world!

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