Litany’s Adult Movies

Welcome to my first back-to-back posts! After writing my last post about new-to-me diva Litany, she announced the surprise release of her new EP Adult Movies. Since I found her last two EPs, 4 Track EP and Single Player Mode, totally relatable and enjoyable, I was excited to check out Adult Movies…plus with a name like that, how could I not. For me personally, Litany’s musical and lyrical stylings are like a key to unlock memories.

Ah, remembering the good ol’ days of bonding physically over something as silly as renting “Adult Movies” from behind the beaded curtain of the video store’s forbidden back room (before Netflix and chilling was a thing) with Litany’s feel-good musical vibe. The heart-aching balladry of “Cream” heals the long-past hurt, when my freely given cow’s milk was spoiled, by those I thought were deserving. The pop perfection of “Sleepover” highlights how unperfect a night together can be when both people aren’t on the same page. “The End” with it’s electro-twinkling and ticking counts down the times I thought I’d found The One over and over and over and over until I finally did. The simplistic beating of “Happy Anniversary – Demo Version” adds a finality to the EP and a relationship.

Whatever your social media’s relationship status is set to, Adult Movies’ sway-worthy beats will having you nodding your head in solidarity with Litany’s over-shared lyrics. I am so glad to have discovered Litany and her music.

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