Austin Kolbe

Like the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything, my first this week was having someone contact me through this blog to suggest I check out the musician Austin Kolbe. My musical taste is all about the divas but I’m open to checking out a new male singer here and there. So I checked out the music link below and found it interesting enough to check out a couple videos on YouTube.

In my gay opinion someone needs to contact the National Enquirer because I have unearthed Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars secret love child. What Justin and Bruno are for the MILFs of the world, Austin can be for their tween daughters. His sound is very dance-funk and he’s all about getting his audience on their feet. I can only imagine how piercing the screams must be at his shows as he struts around the stage shirtless.

Although I’m not much of a fan of male singers, there’s a few things I give Austin props for. #1: He writes his own music from his perspective of growing up during hard times. #2: I can’t even clap to a beat so I’m impressed with how many instruments Austin can play. #3: I applaud anyone who would slaughter a Muppet instead of an animal to make a jacket.

Right now Austin is an indie artist who is being courted by some labels. I’ll be curious to see just how big his career gets.

2 thoughts on “Austin Kolbe

  1. John Dallas Stover

    Provincetown awaits

    • Dave

      First Provincetown and then the world!

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