Vivi Rincon’s Overflow EP

Mark your calendars, 2023 is the Year Of The Queer Diva and I am living for it!

Last month it was Less Killjoy and this month it’s Vivi Rincon. Spotify is once again spot on with it’s Discovery Weekly offerings for me. Vivi Rincon was on it a few months back and has been sitting in my “Diva’s With Singles” playlist as I patiently waited for her to drop an EP or album. Finally this week, I noticed her Overflow EP is out.

The EP starts out slow with the ballad “Overflow” that introduces Vivi’s voice magnificently over a plucky beat. Her sound is pure, sweet and I can’t get enough. “Angela” is the song that first caught my ear, I love me a rocking breakup song full of rage and honesty. Things slow down once again with “Can’t Breathe” which if full of hope and love, while “If We Lived On The Moon” is the queer wedding song of the century. Where was this song when I was growing up, actually this whole EP.

Overflow highlights Vivi’s balladry but shows that she has a harder edge. She’s a great singer but her songwriting is spectacular. In my gay opinion, Vivi Rincon is the real deal and I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

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