Less Killjoy’s Pink Grenade

It’s a New Year and time for some new music that will fill a musical hole in your life that you may have been longing to fill for decades.

Are you like me, and been waiting around for over a decade for a new Fefe Dobson album to drop? Are you missing a harder and grittier edged Gwen Stefani? Has Avril Lavigne gone too hard and gritty for you? If your New Year resolution is to discover new music that will take you back to the 90’s and early 2000’s alternative rock-chick scene, let Less Killjoy’s new EP Pink Grenade take you there.

Less Killjoy’s sound is rough and ready. Her vocals and lyrics are honest and revealing. Fefe, Gwen and Avril might have become queer icons but Less Killjoy is representing for the community itself. The angst and struggles that she sings about are universally relatable but touch those in the family closer to home.

If you’re nostalgic for some old-school alt-rock vibes or just like your music fierce and raw, Pink Grenade is just the thing to rock your world, in my gay opinion.

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