My Third Annual Divas Playlist

Welcome to my Top 40 of 2022! These are my favorite songs, off the best albums and EPs of the year, at least in my gay opinion.

This year was full of new-to-me divas. Kickstarter kicked off 2022 with an Another Nguyen campaign and wound down the year with one by Heather Mae. While Spotify introduced me to a lot of divas thanks to it’s Discover Weekly playlist. Spotify really seems to get me and each week I devote hours to the deluge of divas I’m graced with.

This year I was rudely and musically reminded of the passing of time. It’s been almost two decades since I first started following Courtney Jaye who still blows me away. Shakespears Sister’s Hormonally Yours celebrated it’s 30th anniversary and that’s around the time I was first introduced to Beth Nielsen Chapman who is still making amazing music today. Let’s not forget my favorite pop princesses of the 80’s, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, who’s new albums made my inner-teen-girl scream with glee.

This year was also a year of enlightenment and knowledge. Who knew Fanny was an all-female Filipino rock group in the 70’s who were kick ass or that Minnie Driver sang? Thanks to the internet, I learned such things. Here I thought it was only good for surfing porn and checking lottery numbers. Thanks Bill Gates.

Whether you want to discover new divas, visit old friends or become educated; there’s something in my playlist for everybody.

May your 2023 be full of love, laughter and divine divas!

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