Lindsay Coulson’s Believe It EP

Last year I was surfing around Kickstarter and discovered Lindsay Coulson’s campaign to get her first EP made. I checked out a couple of her singles, liked her sound and decided to back her campaign. This month she dropped the EP, Believe It.

“Believe It” starts out the EP with Lindsay’s smooth vocals over a head-nodding guitar beat and ends with a warning that the EP could cause death, or worse, explosive diarrhea. So, consider yourself warned. “Knuckle” continues the rocking party until “My Love” comes in for the mandatory heartbreaking ballad. “Special” and “Sweatshirt” close out the EP, these were the first two songs on Spotify that drew me in to Lindsay’s sound with their old-school Avril Lavigne indie-pop vibe.

You don’t get much more indie than Lindsay. She bootstrapped the EP through Kickstarter with just $3,760.00. In my gay opinion, it just goes to show that you can make a great EP even on a shoe-string budget.

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