Juliette Lewis The Singer…Who Knew?

How is it that Juliette Lewis released her album Future Deep in 2016 and I’m only finding out about it now? Juliette Lewis is a singer, what? Even worse, Facebook had to be the one to tell me. I don’t post anything on Facebook or follow any friends or family, I only use it to follow my divas for album and tour announcements. It always unnerves me a little when Facebook ads (which are aplenty) hit close to home, how do they know I would be interested in an autographed copy of Future Deep? I guess Big Brother is watching, or at least Mark Zuckerberg is. After seeing my browser history, I guess Mark won’t be making eye contact next time I bump into him at Walmart.

Now Facebook needs to tell me where I can get one of those jumpsuits in my size, stay tuned for my next blog post

Although it freaked me out, I still clicked the link to buy a copy off Juliette’s website, which gave both me and Facebook what we wanted. How could I not? It’s Juliette Lewis. I’m a huge fan of her acting, she’s one of those divas that seems to surprise me by popping up in the most random of shows and movies that I enjoy. Like the classic TV show Facts Of Life, the roller derby film Whip It and the live action Jem And The Holograms movie…don’t judge me!

Putting the “camp” in Camping while Bridget Everett gives new meaning to a blow job

Juliette’s musical sound is just as random and unexpected as her acting roles. She has a more hard rocking and garage-band sound than I’m used to. However, I appreciate the uniqueness and the passion she puts into her music. While looking for music videos from Future Deep, I discovered her cover of Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart” with costar cameos from her show Camping, including my favorite, Bridget Everett. You throw together Juliette Lewis, Taylor Dayne and Bridget Everette, in my gay opinion, it makes for a fantastic cover and my dream cast for a Charlie’s Angels reboot.

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