Lynnea M’s Shades Of Indigo EP

I’ve recently discovered Lynnea M’s EP from last year, Shades Of Indigo, thanks to Spotify. According to Google research, many people might know her from being on The Voice, which I haven’t watched since the first season. I only made it through the first few episodes, losing interest when the professionals started messing with their chosen protégés uniqueness to make them sound like everyone else, in my gay opinion.

What I like about Lynnea’s sound is that each song borrows from a certain style but she makes it her own. Her range is vast but she ties it all together with her grounding vocals. She plays around with different genres and explores different aspects of her sound.

On “Disgustingly Perfect” she takes on a 90’s alt chick persona and “Shades Of Indigo” is pop princess perfection. If you’re in the mood for an old-school R&B slow jam then “Vibe” is the track for you and you’ll need a 12-step program to get over the addictive island sound of “Another Hit Of You.” Lynnea could totally be a modern disco diva, thanks to “Complicated,” which is my favorite track on the EP. While “Sabotage” and “Bubble Wrap” slow things down and put the EP to bed with beautiful balladry.

I’m glad Lynnea didn’t win The Voice because she would have lost some of her freedom and individuality. I listen to a lot of radio but have never heard any of The Voice winners going on to much fame. Hopefully Lynnea has a longer career than a flash-in-the-pan reality show winner.

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