Natalie Shay’s Champagne EP

The last time I did a write up about Natalie Shay it was for her Milk EP in all it’s fun-loving pop realness. Her newest EP is titled Champagne. Champagne is more mature than Milk and bubblier, if that’s even possible….plus it’s friendlier to vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

Once again, Natalie has been busy throwing together videos to accompany the songs, making the EP almost as visual as it is audial. “All The Time” is my inner teen girl’s theme song and the video is how I hope things will play out at every book signing and post-concert stalking that I attend. The up-beat “Doing Well” celebrates the upward climb Natalie’s career has taken and documents it in this behind-the-scenes video.

“The Edge” is an untypical breakup song, since not all breakups involve lovers, but sometimes friends. The only ballad on the EP is the love-struck “Like You Boy” with it’s emotionally bare, heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics floating atop a sweet guitar riff.

“Figure Of 8” has a catchy beat that draws the listener in but the darker lyrics expose a toxic relationship that just keeps playing out repetitively. While, Champagne ends just as it started with “Love Me Too”, a perky bop for sure.

In my gay opinion, Champagne focuses heavily on Natalie’s strong vocals and accessible lyrics, over her always catchy beats. Champagne is a toast to what the past few years have been like in Natalie’s career and hopefully many more to come.

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