Love Is The Answer

The Orlando shooting this past weekend that killed 49 people is bothering me a lot, for many reasons. First, being gay, it’s scary to think that someone could be so full of hatred towards gays that he’d be willing to go into a gay club and randomly gun people down. Second, that there are people out there who are continually fighting for the right for everyday-people to carry assault weapons. Third, there are politicians and churches who are using this shooting to promote terror and discrimination. And lastly, I don’t think that mass murderers should become instantly world famous. In my gay opinion, it’s time for all this fear and hatred to stop.

I’ve been lucky, since coming out, to be surrounded by people who accept me for who I am. I’m sure almost everyone in any minority has been discriminated against to some extent and I’m no different. I’ve had derogatory comments made about me, been given bad service at restaurants, and fired from a job but never have I thought that attending a gay event would get me shot. Unfortunately it’s the world we live in now that any event with a large crowd can draw a crazy person’s attention.

Every time there’s a new shooting, which lately is weekly, all the talk eventually leads to gun control. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the Declaration Of Independence or our rights as citizens to own guns but my only question is, who the hell needs assault weapons? Only the military and police. Some people want guns for protection or hunting, I don’t agree with either but I get it, but that still doesn’t explain the need for assault weapons. What could you possibly be hunting or protecting yourself from with such weapons? At what point does the right to bare arms infringe on society’s right to feel safe.

Placing this horrible incident’s blame on the shoulders of an entire race or religious group isn’t the answer. You can’t blame a whole community because of one person’s actions. That won’t solve any problems, it will only create more bigotry and hatred in the world.

Finally I’m disturbed by the press releasing photos and the name of the murderer. The press should release information but not in a way that sensationalizes the perpetrator. His name and image aren’t needed. Just talk about his motives and how to prevent it in the future. By plastering his face everywhere it gives him the attention he wanted and shows others who are desperate for a platform the way to get it.

I wish there were more I could do. The only thing in my control is to spread more love and light in my own life, perform random acts of kindness, and don’t allow other people’s prejudices and skewed world views to effect mine. I believe there are more open-minding and loving people in the world than those who hate and have the desire to kill. That’s being shown in all the kindness and love that is being sent to Orlando from all over the world. Love is the answer.

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