My First Annual Divas Playlist

In my darkest days, music has always been the light at the end of the tunnel. My divas always know the right thing to sing and brightened my spirits in concert. This year a few of my old-school divas put out albums and I had time to discover some new-to-me divas. This year wasn’t the best but musically it was inspiring.

The majority of my posts are about music. I believe in supporting my divas as much as their music supports me. The majority of the music I blog about, I do purchase. This year I decided I would end the year by creating my first ever playlist on Spotify, my streaming service of choice. Yes, I purchase and then stream music so my divas can earn both.

I took my favorite songs from each album or diva that I blogged about this year and placed them on this playlist in order of appearance. Some divas you will know and some you won’t, but should, in my gay opinion. There’s a whole lot of fun, talent, pop perfection, and off-color language…exactly how I like my music and my divas. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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