Movie Choosing Methodology

In my gay opinion movies are second only to music as the best way of escape from everyday life. I enjoy watching at least a couple movies a week and have a couple thousand rated on my Netflix queue. My star ratings are 1 star: What a piece of crap, I couldn’t even get through the whole thing, 2 stars: I got through it but still hated it…I say the same thing after leaving work, 3 stars: I liked it, 4 stars: I really liked it, and 5 stars: I loved it so much that I want to own it. A movie gets automatically bumped up one star level if it has good full frontal by a hot guy. I definitely know that my method to choosing films is different than most folks but it works for me.

What do the critics have to say? If they love a movie or it’s Oscar nominated, no thanks, I’ll pass. The critics watch films for their “art” instead of for entertainment. If I want art then I’ll go to a museum. I want to get lost in my movies and I want it to be fictional. I refuse to watch movies that are based on true stories. That’s what documentaries are for. Why do I want to see something that is someone’s interpretation of what happened?

My all time favorite movies are dramatic, moving and starring actresses in kick ass roles. I love movies that can make me feel for the characters and have a good cry; tearjerkers are the best. Even if I’ve seen certain movies over and over, I’ll still sit there bawling my eyes out during the sad parts every time. But other times my inner teen girl wins out and I crave a fun, mindless, and predictable sleep-over flick. One where boy meets boy, girl meets girl or boy meets girl and love conquers all. Throw in a song or dance number and I am in heaven.

So just like with music, my movie taste is very…some might say picky or excluding (bite your tongue if you’re thinking shitty) but I prefer to say refined. But I know what I like and won’t apologize for it. So Hollywood, keep those b-movies that go straight to DVD coming, I don’t want my Netflix queue dwindling.

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