Ingrid Michaelson’s Stranger Songs

I was a huge fan of the first season of the TV show Stranger Thing. I loved the sci-fi teen adventure plot with an 80’s feel, it reminded me of the movies ET and Goonies and I also loved that they bailed Winona Ryder’s ass out of a mall jail somewhere to star. Then season two was released and all the magic that made the first season so special, disappeared. I couldn’t get through the whole season. I guess season 3 is about to be released or maybe it has been, but I have no interest.

I cringed when I heard one of my musical divas, Ingrid Michaelson, was releasing an album based on the series. What did that mean exactly? Would I have to force myself to watch that horrible second season just to understand the the lyrics? Why couldn’t she just release her own music and be more concerned about what I want to hear?

I shouldn’t have worried, I didn’t have to like Stranger Things to appreciate Stranger Songs. Ingrid personalized the plot lines and created lyrics universal to everyone — whether you’re a tween going through puberty (“Young And In Love”), unrequited lovers (“Best Friend”), ruled by a green eyed monster (“Jealous”), a strong independent lady who’s more than you appear (“Pretty”), or stuck in a parallel universe behind your living room walls and only able to communicate through electricity (“Christmas Lights”).

In my gay opinion, Stranger Songs is one of the (if not the) best Ingrid Michaelson album to date. I was hooked right from the show’s theme song infused “Freak Show” all the way through to the anthem of reliving one’s youth, “Take Me Home”. This album is Ingrid’s homage to all the best parts of the show, as well as the 80’s, with her own quirky unique twist. Ingrid was hyped up on synths and Tab when she created this masterpiece.

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