Shakespears Sister’s Singles Party (1988-2019) Deluxe

In my gay opinion, a lot of people follow alternative or punk bands just to up their street cred. I gave up any hopes of ever being cool around the time I started squeezing my fat teen ass into pleather pants, florescent sweat shirts, Converse high tops, my plastic Michael Jackson inspired zipper jacket, and accessorizing with jelly bracelets ala Madonna. The closest my musical taste comes to alternative is the pop punk princesses, Shakespear’s Sister.

Back in 1992, Shakespear’s Sister’s album Hormonally Yours was my go-to album, thanks to their hit song “Stay”. With it’s beautifully eerie vocals and unusual sound, “Stay” was the most unconventional love song I’d ever heard. I loved that album, as well as their three others. This year when it was announced that Siobhan Fahey (from the group Bananarama) and Marcella Detroit were reuniting for a couple songs on a greatest hits album called Singles Party, I was all over it. I made sure to order the deluxe edition with it’s autographed photo and double discs of remasters, rarities and remixes.

Listening to Singles Party with all the hits together in different styles over the decades makes me realize just how much I love this group. Normally when an artist releases a “remastered” album, I hear no difference in the sound, but the remastering on Singles Party is exceptionally done. It gives new life to these classics I know and love. The new songs make me hungry for an album of new music. “All The Queens Horses” is the first single off Singles Party with it’s barmaids gone wild sound that could be from a 50’s western. Flash ahead a few decades to the 70’s inspired go-go dance party hit “C U Next Tuesday” where these modern day Nancy Sinatras do their best Jane Bondette impersonations. Then to the future on “Cat Worship” with it’s creeptastic sci-fi / horror movie sound.

Of course I’d prefer an album of new music over a greatest hits but after a decade of no new Shakespeare’s Sister music, I’ll take what I can get. Hopefully the few new songs and supporting UK tour will cause Siobhan and Marcella to mend their fences and create more music. I also have my fingers crossed that they’ll hit the USA for some tour dates so I can cross these divas off my must see bucket list.

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