Once In A Lifetime Opportunities

Life is full of lessons that you’re forced to learn, and let me tell you, I learned a lot this month.

I was physically knocked out of commission for the whole month due to a pinched nerve in my neck. It effected my back, shoulder and right arm. I spent so much time Netflix and chilling with myself that there’s a permanent indent in the couch and I ran out of tissues. The medical help I got was to put me on some useless anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxers, but not the good stuff. I would have killed for some opioids, I’d totally choose addiction over constant pain any day. I’d even be up for euthanasia or a medically induced coma. I was also told to go to physical therapy, which is basically a place to be tortured for a higher price than a good dominatrix…so I’ve been told.

After five weeks, but who’s counting, the pain has hit a level that I can live with and my partner is able to live with me. I can be moody on a good day, but when I’m in pain, there’s no good days for anyone around me. Thankfully the light at the end of the tunnel came in time for us to throw a private concert by one of our favorite singer/songwriters, Aslyn. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that I would be co-hosting a concert with someone I love for an artist I love almost as much…I have to say “almost as much” because my partner will read this but Aslyn knows the truth.

The concert date serendipitously fell on our wedding anniversary. My partner works at a school and since they love him almost as much as I do, they gave him a deal on the rental of their amphitheater and piano. I was nervous because Aslyn’s plans were arranged online. I never spoke to her except on Facebook and I’ve seen enough episodes of MTV’s Catfish to know that not everybody’s who they say online. Imagine her not showing, me sitting in front of our invited guests, throwing a shit-fit, pounding on the piano keys, and screaming “WHY ME!” as tears stream down my face. The good news, my friends would be kind enough to video it and post it online for all to see.

However, that is the furtherest from the truth. Aslyn and her husband Kaylen Nash (who’s also a musician and in the band Dega with her) showed up on time and were the nicest. They even mingled with everybody before and after the show. The show went off without a hitch and Aslyn blew everybody away with her talent and Kalen joined her for a few songs as well. She performed over her contracted time and pulled songs from every phase of her career including some songs yet to be released. I can’t put into words how amazing she is. In my gay opinion; her voice is strong, her piano playing is top-notch, and her story telling can bring me to tears. I go to a lot of concerts and this will be one that I will never forget.

This month ended up teaching me not to take my health or ability to do things for granted because some day it’s all going to end, possibly without warning. Also I learned that when life presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, take advantage of it. It may cost you financially or emotionally but it’s worth the risk, it’s cheaper than regret.

Welcome to my July.

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