Ladies First: The LGBTQ Divas Katey Brooks, arete, Polartropica, and Lucy & La Mer

I have always been a fan of music but when I was growing up there weren’t any out gay singers telling my story, there were only closeted LGBTQ performers. Hell, Barry Manilow didn’t come out until just recently to an underwhelmed gasp…or was it a collective yawn? As a young gay I turned to the divas, women with big hair and even bigger personalities, to carry me through the hard times. Now with times changing, there are LGBTQ divas out there continuing the path that was paved by the likes of Rupaul, Melissa Etheridge and Sophie B Hawkins. I was recently introduced to some of their music and here we are.

Meet Katey Brooks

Katey is a lady-loving singer/songwriter who grew up in a cult, making for an interesting past which carries over into her music. She just released her album Revolute with 10 other songs that are just as soulful sounding as “All Of Me”. Katey’s voice is rocking and full, reminding me a grittier Diane Birch.

The video for “All Of Me” makes me wish I were a Stevie Nicks impersonating lesbian twirling around an empty mansion, dusting off the mantles and my memories with the fringe of my shawl. It takes a lot for me to get worked up over a girl-on-girl music video but this one does it for me. Katey can romanticize a sound.

I checked out her tour schedule and so far she’s just in Cali and the UK but I got my fingers crossed that she comes to the east coast, I bet she’s incredible live.

Then there’s arete

arete is a non-binary identifying diva who’s got a funky dance electronic sound with a David Bowie and Billy Idol love-child look. I like that arete is more than just a singer, arete is an artist, working on a visual that goes along with a song to tell a full story.

“Trip” is the first song released off arete’s upcoming concept EP called Cassandra, the story of a character’s journey into herself. The video for “Trip” visually takes your mind on an acid-like trip without the cost or side effects. With lyrics like “you got a way of painting faces, frosting reality like cake”, it’s a trip I want to be on.

Next up is Polartropica

Just when I thought the movie Grease was gay enough, Polartropica takes it to a whole new level with the inspiration for her “Another Life” music video. The song itself is just as light and fun as the movie, with it’s dreamy beat and wispy vocals. Speaking of grease, I’m sure plenty was used to get some of those folks into their skin tight outfits.

Last but not least, Lucy & La Mer

Not to “B” overlooked, Lucy & La Mer wonderfully represents the bi community with the quirky folksy tune “Blue Dress”. It’s a fun, sweet song about self discovery and seeing that one person who piques your interest and changes your whole outlook.

This year Lucy & La Mer is going to be releasing the EP, I Feel Better Now, and doing some tour dates in the USA and Europe. I’d love to catch a show because I bet it would be a blast.

In the gay community, we say that someone is “family” when we meet or see someone who is like us. So I hope you enjoyed meeting my sisters. Last month may have been pride month but these divas are making every month one to be proud of.

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