What’s my resolution for 2020? I don’t have one. In my gay opinion we shouldn’t put that sort of pressure on ourselves to improve, instead we should be a little more excepting of who we are. Why mess with perfection, I always say. So this year I’m feeling grateful for the things I have and want to give something back. If that scores me extra karma points, even better.

I’ve been volunteering for a local animal rescue organization for years, I do some office work and visit their Sanctuary once a month for a couple hours. Risking getting a paper cut while stuffing envelopes and petting cats while they purr and drool on me (like all the boys), sure it’s hard work but I make the sacrifice.

I researched other volunteer options and organizations. The other day in my inbox I found my town’s local bulletin asking for volunteers to help the poor and elderly do their taxes. Was this a sign? No experience needed and training was included. I think the government makes taxes too hard and it’s bullshit that people should be forced to pay someone to do their taxes. So if I can screw The Man, sign me up.

Three things to keep in mind; #1: I believe the universe talks to me by giving me signs that usually it involve shirtless guys. #2: I don’t like doing my own taxes so I let my partner do ours. #3: I always act with my heart first until my brain catches up. So I went to do Tax Law. Isn’t he Jude’s younger, hotter brother?

The two three-hour long classes didn’t teach much. It was a bunch of people sitting around talking about their own tax issues in hopes of getting free tax advice. The instructor handed out the materials (three huge books over a couple hundred pages each with no pictures) and showed me where to take the tests online. Oh yeah, there were two ethics test (nobody told me I had to be ethical) and then a basic test. An advanced test was optional. That’s when my brain caught up wondering how it got there and panic kicked in. With a heavy heart, I bowed out, but it’s the thought that counts.

I told folks about my tax law adventure and give them credit for not rolling their eyes too much or pissing themselves with laughter, although my sister came close. It wasn’t my calling…maybe just gas. One of my friends told me the local Gay & Lesbian Film Festival was looking for volunteers to watch LGBTQ movies and work the festival one week a year. Now that I can do, no brainer.

I’ve been doing that a few weeks and learned a valuable lesson. Whether it’s laying on my futon with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s watching lesbian fan girls going ga-ga over Xena Warrior Princess or doing taxes for the poor and elderly…it’s about using one’s talents to do god’s work. Watch out Mother Teresa, there’s a new saint in town.

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