Tiffany’s Pieces Of Me Unplugged EP

I’m a huge fan of Tiffany and her 2018 album Pieces Of Me, so much so, that I went to see her tour to support the album twice last year. Tiffany always gives her all when she performs and puts on a great show. I was ecstatic about Pieces Of Me Unplugged but a little disappointed it’s only an EP and not a full album, but I’ll take what I can get.

Pieces Of Me Unplugged is acoustic versions of “King Of Lies,” “Starting Over” and “Worlds Away” from her Pieces Of Me album. Tiffany takes songs that are already solid and gives them new depth and life. Tiffany’s gritty vocals and acoustic guitar strumming is the perfect marriage.

“You’re Everything” is a new demo track and a hint at where Tiffany’s musical path is heading. Her Nashville vibe and pop past are melding into a rocking future. It’s a trip I’m looking forward to taking and hopefully it leads to an acoustic tour down the road.

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