Lani Renaldo

Lani Renaldo is a new-to-me diva. Over the past few years, she’s released two EP’s, cultivating her own unique sound and style. Not only that, but she performs, writes and produces it all herself. Props to anyone that has that much ability and talent.

Lani’s first EP, Fake Happy, has the young-adult relationship drama of a Taylor Swift album, with the grit of Miley Cyrus. While her current EP, Noheartbreak2020, is more pop yet more mature. Her sound has advanced in just a year. Both EPs pack a punch in a short period of time and have catchy beats that stay in my head.

I like when a diva is unapologetic, speaks her mind and does the work to achieve her goals. In my gay opinion, Lani brings something to the music scene that is much needed, a strong, young, queer woman’s point of view. Hopefully Lani can inspire other queer kids to express themselves through art so all voices can be represented.

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