Holigay 2020

This year many of my favorite performers decided that less is more when it comes to musical gift giving, there were no holiday albums (closest was a four-track EP from Tori Amos) to be had, just singles. Not a lot of music but a fair share of divas; quality over quantity, I guess.

Tori Amos‘ Christmastide – This four-track EP is Tori doing what Tori does best, being the piano chanteuse who takes a Christmas album and conceptualizes it. It’s Tori’s tale of a holiday’s history that can play year round.

Kris Angelis’ “Maybe Let’s Not Do Christmas This Year” – Kris (along with Abe Abraham) went completely untraditional with her original entry into the Christmas festivities…or avoidance of them. This folksy carol gets real quick and doesn’t buy into what Santa’s selling.

Beth Nielsen Chapman’s “Please Tell Santa Claus” – When I heard Beth Nielsen Chapman was jumping in the caroling ring, I expected traditional but she went synthesizer samba on this fun-filled original. Even Santa didn’t see this pandemic noel coming but unfortunately once the pandemic is playout out, so will this song.

Floyd’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” – Floyd brings her cheery style to this holiday classic with an updated wailing guitar, a drummer drumming and Stevie Nick’s inspired tambourining. The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s “It’s Not Christmas Till Someone Cries” – For Carly’s Christmas tune she went with an original song full of merry family drama over a finger snapping beat. If you have to spend time with the family, might as well laugh at their expense.

Alanis Morissette’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” – When I think Alanis Christmas, I think of an angst-filled work party with spiked eggnog and blowing the UPS guy in the copy room. However, Alanis takes the John Lennon and Yoko Ono classic in a much more family friendly direction (unfortunately motherhood will do that to a diva) with her full, warbling voice over a choir of kids.

Tiffany’s “Angels” – Only Tiffany’s gritty voice could rock over a simple piano accompaniment. This original song is about the rough year of 2020 with a comforting thought of being watched over.

Twinnie’s “Driving Home For Christmas” – Twinnie is a new-to-me diva this year and she wraps up the year in a pretty bow with this cover. In all it’s beautiful piano balladry, I just want to hop in the car with her and go along for a ride through the purely driven snow.

In my gay opinion, this year the holidays are going to be different for many reasons, but no matter how much things change, at least I can always count on a diva filled holiday.

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