1 Second Everyday

Everyday for three months I’ve been using the 1 Second Everyday app on my phone to capture moments of my life. In my gay opinion, it’s super easy to use and does exactly what I want it to. You just click the record button, trim it down to one second, and at the end of the month have the app compile the months together. I did learn that you have to set the dates for compiling because the general “month” button does it based on 30 days, so months that have more or less days get compiled incorrectly. I have also learned some things about myself, such as:

A: I’m a total guy when it comes to using technology. I haven’t watched any of the How-To videos. I assume I know it all and if I don’t, then I’ll just figure it out on the fly. It’s caused a few melt downs but over-all it’s simple enough to use that even I can figure it out…I was going to say “easy enough for a monkey to figure out” but that would be an insult to my primate brothers and sisters.

B: There’s lots of seconds a day that I wish I would have captured but my phone wasn’t on (which is pretty much 90% of the time), I just wasn’t quick enough, or I already have a good video for the day and I can only use one.

C: My life is pretty boring. I didn’t realize how much of my life is a constant routine (work, gym, home) and finding something of interest each day is hard. I don’t want to constantly be “the cat guy” (Abby and Chelsea are adorable though) or “the food guy” (especially since I eat the same food all the time too).

So what does that mean? I’m determined to keep doing my second long videos for the rest of this year, it is my New Years resolution after all, but I’ll be ok when it’s over. I just have to keep finding new ways to be creative…like washing my balls or dropping my nuts…welcome to my March.


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