Lucky Soul’s Hard Lines

One of the hardest things I’ve had to give up during the Coronavirus pandemic is diva stalking. Without book signings or post concert meet and greets, what’s a stalker to do? I’m forced to troll the interwebs to get my autograph fix any way possible. Last year I ordered autographed copies of Shakespears Sister’s Ride Again EP and Singles Party (1988-2019) Deluxe CD online. What better way to spend my time than going through that company’s other 740 signed items and exploring the musical stylings of 28 possible new divas to worship. All that research lead me to one must have item, an autographed copy of Lucky Soul’s 2017 album Hard Lines.

In my gay opinion, Hard Lines is fun-loving and full of positive vibes. I didn’t realize how much I was missing a modern disco sound in my life until now. I like when my dance music has a story, I want more than just repetitive lyrics over a thumping beat, and Lucky Soul delivers. Hard Lines pays homage to great disco divas like Donna Summer and Diana Ross but with a twenty-teens radio-friendly sound.

Hard Lines makes me want to perm my hair, tuck it under a headband and headphones, throw on a tank top with some booty shorts, spray on body glitter, slap on roller blades over calf-high white socks with red stripes across the top, and skate up and down my driveway. My apologies to my neighbors if isolation and Lucky Soul drive me to that.


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