My Second Annual Divas Playlist

2021 has been a busy year. I spent a large chunk of free time searching out new-to-me divas to follow like Babygirl, Taylor Alxndr, Girl In Red, and Litany. A few of my prolific divas like Donna De Lory, Paula Cole, Natalie Imbruglia and Tori Amos dropped highly-anticipated (by me) albums. Most surprising, Debbie Gibson and Susanna Hoffs shook off the glitter and came out of a decades long diva hibernation to deliver albums that were well worth the wait.

Welcome to my second annual Spotify playlist (you can check out my first here) of the best of the best music I discovered this year, as always, in my gay opinion. I took a song from each post this year to compile two hours of diva delights. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have the early 90’s Alanis Morrissette and Alyssa Milano music that I wrote about to torture you with…I mean to share in order to expand your musical repertoire. However, here’s 33 spectacular songs to drop your balls or ring in the New Year with, whatever way you like to celebrate.

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